11年, all Her原理图el students complete a week of block work experience with 学习工作, either sourcing their own placements through friends 和 contacts or taking part in a local placement found for them.


在澳门新莆京, we strongly encourage students to undertake work experience whenever possible in other year groups.

最好是在学校放假的时候, althouigh leave of absence from 原理图ool can sometimes be negotiated with your relevant Head of Learning - make sure you have a chat with your Head of Learning before signing up for any opportunities that arise.


Regular work experience opportunities that come to our attention will be posted below, whilst the very latest opportunities will be sent to relevant year groups 和 parents as '职业生涯 Alert' emails as they often have quite tight timeframes for application.


Download the Workfinder app by clicking on the link below 和 use it to connect with employers.


学习工作 will organise private placements for students outside of the block week work experience that all of Year 11 take part in.

联系Sorrel James在s.james@learningtowork.org.或致电01753 376264.

Be aware that a charge does apply for this process - make sure you check this before committing to anything.


葛兰素史克公司 run an extremely popular three day work experience programme in the February 和 October half terms called 'Molecule to Market' 和 based at their Stockley Park offices. 当申请开始时,符合资格的学年组将以电子邮件通知, 以及这些应用的结果.


思科 run a technical 和 business based work experience programme in November 和 July every year called 'Pathway to Your Future' 和 open to Year 10 和 11 students. 当申请开放时,相关的学年组将直接通过电子邮件发送.


安永是一家“专业服务”公司, 这意味着他们提供担保和会计帮助, 协助税务事务, 顾问及公司交易. They run a one week Business Acadeny programme for Year 12 students in the summer. 点击下面的logo来了解更多和应用.


迈凯轮汽车 offer a work experience programme for Year 10 和 11 students every year, 通常申请截止日期为2月. 点击 on the logo below 和 search for 'work experience' to see if there are any opportunities currently on offer.


BBC每年有四个申请窗口,每个窗口持续两周. 有几个类别的工作经验,在四个地点. 您只能在一个地点选择一个类别. 在线工作没有单独的类别, 但所有类别的广告投放都具有很强的互动性.

When you choose your location 和 category 和 fill in your online application, they will ask you some questions about your interests 和 passion for your chosen placement. If you are successful, they will do their best to match you to a placement that’s right for you.

每个工作经验的安置都是不同的, but they’re all designed to give you the opportunity to make the most of your time there. 当你到达, your Placement Manager will want 了解更多 about you 和 what you want to get out of your time. 他们会试着让你参与你最感兴趣的事情.

Remember that work experience is unpaid but it’s a learning experience 和 not a job.



英国航空公司(British Airways)

澳门新莆京app官网登录 is in the official catchment area for doing work experience with the company at London Heathrow 和 elsewhere. They have specific timeslots during which you can apply - you will be notified by email when these open, 如果你在相关年级.

您也可以点击 on the logo below to visit the work experience part of their website, 或电子邮件工作.experience@ba.Com使直接联系.



科尔女士, 澳门新莆京学校的职业顾问, 写了一篇充满有用的建议和链接的文章, looking at how volunteering can be a great way of getting meaningful medical work experience. 从本网页底部下载本文的PDF格式.

您也可以点击 在这里 to read a very useful guide to work experience in healthcare from the 在学校的成功 website.

点击下面的标志访问医学预科项目, 一个在英国提供医疗工作经验和实习的组织. 请注意,这项服务收费很高.



法律工作经验很难找到, 但是下面的“关于法律的一切”链接会给你一些建议.

Remember that you can always visit a court during the 原理图ool holidays 和 watch court proceedings. 你通常不需要请求许可, but it might be polite to email them first - there is always a contact email on the court website.

东伯克郡治安法庭(Slough): TV-BerkshireMCEnq@hmcts.助教.政府.uk

阅读地方法院: TV-BerkshireMCEnq@hmcts.助教.政府.uk

阅读刑事法庭: enquiries@reading.crowncourt.助教.政府.uk


The Guardian newspaper run a series of short courses for aspiring journalists - some of them are run by well-known Guardian columnists.

这是要收费的,但相当合理. 点击 在这里 了解更多.

您也可以点击 在这里 阅读《澳门新莆京》(在学校的成功)的媒体工作经验指南.


点击 在这里 to read a guide to work experience in finance 和 会计 from 在学校的成功.


点击 on the 在学校的成功 logo to visit a great list of current work experience opportunities to be applied for with a range of organisations such as the National Trust 和 JP Morgan.



The 前景 careers website has lots of useful tips on both work experience 和 volunteering. 点击 在这里 进入入门页面. 


这个网站有一个很好的工作经验指南, 包括一份定期提供该服务的大公司和组织的名单. 点击 在这里 阅读特稿.


人们选择做志愿者有各种各样的原因. For some it offers the chance to give something back to the community or make a difference to the people around them. For others it provides an opportunity to develop new skills or build on existing experience 和 knowledge. 不管动机如何, 他们的共同点是,他们发现这既具有挑战性,又值得. 

What could be better than a chance to make a difference AND make your CV look great AT THE SAME TIME!!!



Check out some local volunteering opportunities by clicking on the link to the Slough Volunteer Centre below:



  • 保证: 也被称为 会计, assurance is about helping companies keep track of the money they’re spending 和 earning – so people know it’s safe to put their cash into those businesses.
  • 税收: EY helps companies make sure they’re paying the right amount of tax to the 政府ernment, so they can help local communities thrive 和 keep public services like roads, 学校和医院的运营——无需支付超出其应有水平的费用.
  • 咨询公司: 是也 充当“顾问”, giving other businesses advice on how they can save money by running things differently. If you want to follow the consultancy route, then the grad programme’s for you.
  • 事务: 又名“企业融资”, transactions is all about helping businesses make the most of big changes – like when they buy or sell other companies.
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